When the stakes are high you need an advocate by your side who will work diligently and zealously on your case to find the most favorable outcome.


Criminal and Traffic Offenses

At Haynes Law Group, we understand that it is important to have an advocate there to fight on your behalf and ensure that your rights are protected, while justice and mercy prevail.

The more an attorney understands your case; the facts, the mitigating circumstances; and your character, the better he or she can investigate and negotiate the most favorable outcome permissible or else fight for your innocence at trial.

How Can We Help?

No matter whether you are facing life in prison or a weekend in jail, we appreciate that this is a critical time in your life, where stress and emotions may drive fear and uncertainty.

Our team has taken a holistic approach to the practice of law where persistence and passion does not overshadow our dedication to customer service and application of common sense when it comes to keeping our clients informed.

The most important aspects of any defense are mastering the facts; attacking the weak evidence with sound legal argument; spotting the critical issues; and exposing any motives against our clients.

However, no matter how effective you may be in court, you still do your client a disservice if you lack a personable approach to representation. This includes keeping your client informed each step of the way while also educating them in a way where they fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of their own case.

Our goal is to put the client as ease and minimize the negative emotional forces that are vying for their attention.

While we help you persevere no matter the strength or weakness of your case, we bring value whether the case is winnable or whether the goal is to minimize consequences.

No matter how small or overwhelming the obstacle, we are here to represent you, the person, during a challenging period in your life.

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