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Haynes Law Group Family Law

What Is Family Law?

Family law deals with family matters and domestic relations, including marriage and civil partnerships, the termination of relationships, and child law. Family law has grown dramatically since the 1970s, as legislators and judges have reexamined and redefined legal relationships. Family law is now entwined with national debates over the structure of family, gender bias, and morality.

How Can We Help?

Like Criminal Law, Family Law and Divorce involve pressing matters that determine the division of marital assets, custody, support, and visitation matters. The emotional tension and stakes are understandably high between both parties.

We recognize the importance of reaching a settlement that achieves the best outcome that the facts and evidence will allow. This often takes a significant amount of time to investigate and work with various advocates and professional representatives within the framework of Juvenile and Domestic Relations to best advance your position, your testimony, the evidence, and facts.

In most cases, it is better to negotiate a settlement rather than to leave critical decisions for a Judge to decide. However, we recognize that the emotional stakes can be high and that complex issues are not so easily decided.

When the matter must be litigated, it is critical to have an advocate there to protect and fully advance your rights before the Court.

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